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Part 2: Menu Mapping

If you are a brand that is integrated into a POS, you will need to add in the corresponding POS ID's for all products and modifiers. You only map products and modifiers within the Olo menu. You do not map the categories. This process of adding in ID's is called "mapping" the menu. If your brand only receives orders through a non-integrated method (e.g. Email, SSOS, Expo), you can proceed to Part 3 of the training!


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Step 1: POS Mapping Overview

There are tools available within the Olo company menu, to assist with the menu mapping process. Prior to diving into menu mapping instructions for your specific POS, refer to the article below, to get an overview into menu mapping within the company menu.


Step 2: Mapping the Menu to the Relevant POS

Select the appropriate mapping article, based on the POS your brand is integrated to. If you cannot locate the article that applies to the POS your brand is integrated to, please reach out to us.

If your brand is integrated into multiple POS systems, and you would like some guidance on how to map to multiple POS systems, reach out to us and we will be happy to consult with you. On the other hand, if you have some stores integrated to a POS and some that are either non-integrated or that are on SSOS, you could proceed to map the menu to the POS that the integrated stores are connected to. The non-integrated stores and SSOS stores will not be affected by this.


Step 3: Steps to Follow Once Mapping is Complete

Once menu mapping has been completed, best practice is to add all of the products to the demo vendor, so that they can be fully tested, prior to adding all of the products to live locations.

Once the items and modifiers have been added to the demo vendor, run the price updater, to make sure that pricing pulls through from the POS.

When the price updater runs, it will pick up on any mismatches on the menu, based on the items that have been added to the store menu. Mismatches are caused due to discrepancies between the POS IDs that have been entered into the Olo Company menu and the POS IDs available within a stores database. A mismatch can also occur if an item or modifier that has been added to the store menu does not have any mapping set.

Once you have checked and fixed the menu mismatches, the next step would be to run basket tests for each item, to make sure that if a customer were to place an order for the item, the order would go through successfully.

Still encountering errors or unable to resolve some mismatches? Contact us!



Now that you have covered menu mapping, click here to test your knowledge. 


Once you have completed the training on Menu Mapping, move on to Part 3: Store Menu Admin.

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