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Menu Training Introduction

Welcome to menu training with the Olo Menu Team!

We are excited to guide you through the menu building process and to equip you with the tools needed to build out your menu!

This training is broken out into a four-part series that covers the Menu Admin Tool in the Dashboard, as well as other tools related to the menu building/updating process. We encourage you to complete the series below in the order listed to get the most out of the training. At the end of each part, there is a quiz listed, which we highly encourage you to take in order to test your knowledge and receive a certification from Olo. 

Tip: We recommend keeping your initial menu as simple as possible. Historically, brands that built complex menus from the start spent more time on maintenance during the launch period. The need for constant updates has the potential to negatively impact your customer experience. You can always add to your menu later, but it's difficult to simplify an already complex menu once it's been launched. If you are using our Rails product, we highly recommend setting up the menu as simply as possible, to help streamline the Rails onboarding process. And what constitutes a "simple menu"? A menu that does not include too many advanced/complex features such as modifier quantities, the folder/tab view, and input view. 


Series Outline

Prior to getting started with the menu build, refer to the menu design sites listed in this article, to get an idea of how you can structure your menu to provide the best online ordering experience for your customer!

Once you've had a chance to review the sites, you're ready to get started!

If you have questions throughout the series, reach out to us! Let us know what you're having trouble with and our team will be happy to assist you.

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