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Part 3: Store Menu Admin

Once the menu has been built out on the company menu and mapping has been completed (if the stores are POS integrated), the next step is to get into Store Menu Admin to add the categories, products, and modifiers to specific store menus.


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Step 1: Getting into Store Menu Admin

The first step to making changes in the store menu is getting into Store Menu Admin. As you are initially building out products, best practice is to add the products to the demo/lab vendor first and test them out, especially if you are a POS integrated brand, before you go ahead and add them to live locations. This way you are able to catch any errors that could potentially lead to order failures.


Step 2: Adding/Removing Categories, Products, and Modifiers

In order to add a category, product, or modifier to a store menu, it must first be created within the company menu, as we covered during Part 1 of the menu training. Once that has been completed, you can come into Store Menu Admin and add the categories, products, and modifiers. The articles listed below will also walk you through steps for removing categories, products, and modifiers, along with instructions on accessing the front end site containing the menu.


Step 3: Setting Category and Product Hours (If Needed)

If you would like certain categories and items to only be orderable during specific hours of the day and/or only during specific days of the week, you can set availability at the category level (so that it applies to all of the items within the category) or at the product level (if only certain items within the category should have availability set). If you want a product to be available during a specified period of time (eg: an LTO), then you could a date range at the product level.


Step 4: Adding Pricing (For Non-integrated and SSOS Stores)

For POS integrated stores, Olo will pull pricing directly from the POS, so there is no need to add pricing to the Olo menu. During part 4 of this training, we will provide more details on how pricing works for integrated stores. However, for stores that are not integrated into a POS, pricing would need to be entered manually. Pricing can be entered at the company menu level, but if pricing differs from store to store, then it would need to be entered at the store menu level. If pricing is the same across stores, it can still be added within the store menu. If the latter is true and you want to add pricing to all stores at once, make sure to select all of the stores, prior to entering Store Menu Admin. Keep in mind that the number of stores you have access to would depend on your Dashboard permissions.

You can also copy over pricing from one store location to another, as long as you have access to more than one store menu.


Step 5: Accessing the Front End Menu

As you are making changes to the store menu, you may want to see how all of it looks on the front end site.



Other Helpful Topics

1. Editing Handoff Modes (If Needed)

You are able to easily configure handoff modes for each item within the store menu. Handoff modes need to be configured at the item level, and cannot be done at the category level.


2. Instructions for 86'ing and Un-86'ing

If an item or modifier should set to be temporarily unavailable within the store menu, it can easily be 86'd, so that it can be taken off the menu for a short period of time. When the item or modifier needs to be made available on the menu once again, it can be un-86'd.

However, the way 86'ing works for POS integrated brands could be much different from how it works for non-integrated brands. When integrated to certain POS systems, you are able to 86 items within the POS, and the Olo menu will be able to read that and 86 the items on the Olo menu as well. Refer to the articles below, on how 86'ing could work, based on the POS that your brand is integrated to.

For certain POS system, we do not read 86'ing off of the POS. In this case, items and modifiers would need to be 86'd within Olo Store Menu Admin. If you are integrated to Toast, Brink, CBS Northstar, Focus, InfoGenesis, Microsale, Revel, MICROS 9700, Simphony, and most Olo Cloud integrations, you will need to 86 items and modifiers within the Olo store menu.

If you are unable to locate the article on 86'ing that is related to the POS that your stores are integrated to us, reach out to us, if you would like to get more information.


3. Using the Menu Search Tool

The search tool within Store Menu Admin can be extremely helpful in searching for products and modifiers within the store menu, to then perform functions such as adding, removing, and 86'ing.


4. Copying Over Store Menus 

If you would like to just copy over the menu from one store location to another, you can easily do so by utilizing the "Menu Copy" tool.



Now that you have covered Dashboard tools, click on the relevant links below to test your knowledge.

  • Click here if you have stores that are POS integrated
  • Click here if you do not have stores that are POS integrated


Have you finished learning about Store Menu Admin? Move on to Part 4: Other Dashboard Tools.

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