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Brink: Combo Menu Mapping Instructions


The goal of this guide is to outline the process of mapping a PAR Brink combo item within the Olo Company Menu, utilizing the “combo” and “combo_item” entity types. As this is an advanced-level mapping guide, we recommend a proficient understanding of the following guide first: Brink Menu Mapping


Combo Mapping Instructions

  1. Begin to enter the name of the store (or lab) that is connected to the Brink demo database into the first field within the POS Menu Viewer tool (also known as the PDE tool), and select the appropriate store from the drop-down list. Next, enter the relevant combo ID into the second field on the PDE tool. If you do not have the ID, you can locate the Brink combo ID using the PDE tool by typing in the name of the combo item into the ID field.  


  2. Within the Olo Company Menu, locate the product that should be mapped to the “combo” entity type. Click the “Edit” mapping button under the item, next to the verbiage that says “No mapping set” (which is the default until mapping has been completed). Select the “combo” entity type and then “Copy” and “Paste” the combo ID into the “Entity id” field using the Copy/Paste buttons. Make sure to hit “Save”. Also, please keep this combo ID handy as it will be used as the “combo id” component in the next steps as you map each of the combo components. 


  3. Now that we have mapped the combo ID to identify the combo item, we will build out the relative modifier groups for each of the combo item’s required components (sides, drinks, etc.) Start by creating a modifier group for the 1st combo component. As part of our mapping best practices, we recommend adding the Brink combo ID in the optional internal description of the modifier group (as seen below) to help keep track of each of the modifier groups associated with this specific combo, since the modifier groups will be unique per combo item.


  4. Add the desired modifier choices as the components that will be mapped. Select the “combo_item” entity type, and when you click "copy" on the PDE tool, both the component and component item ID will get copied. Click paste, to enter the IDs into the entity ID field.


  5. To complete the mapping of the combo_item type, you will need to manually paste in the Combo ID in front of the two components that were copy/pasted in step 5 above, with the end result being a 3 component “Entity id”


  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for all additional combo entity components. If you have modifier choices that will be added as nested modifier groups modifying any of the combo components, you will map these as “modifier” entity types. 


  7. Once all of the required components have been added and mapped: 
    • Add the item to the Olo demo vendor to test.
    • Pull menu prices to assign combo prices.
    • Basket test and confirm that there are no mismatches based on the mapping that has been assigned.
    • Place test orders to confirm! 

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