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Dispatch Store Settings

You can customize your Dispatch experience by individually managing Dispatch settings for each of your stores. 

To get started:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard at

  2. Click on Settings in the lefthand bar then and select Dispatch Settings and the specific store. Note: Only stores that have been enabled by Dispatch by the CSM or Dispatch Specialists will show up on the Dashboard.


  3. The following Dispatch Settings will show up that you can manage for a single store if your Brand has given you access to Settings permission on the Dashboard.



Dispatch Setting


Dispatch: On/Off toggle

This setting allows you to manage Dispatch enablement for your store. If this is disabled, then Dispatch will not show as a “Delivery” option on all of your ordering platforms.

Dispatch Tips: This can be helpful when you have internet connectivity issues or have to close your store for unforeseen reasons

  • Example: Water pipe broke in the store and you cannot take any future orders. You can use this setting to disable Dispatch.

  • Example: DSP is having connectivity issues and you want to work it out with Olo or the DSP, you can use this setting to disable Dispatch until everything is sorted.
Multiple Quote
  • ShortestTransit - If multiple quotes from DSPs are available for a given order, the quote with the shortest transit time will prevail.

  • LowestFee - If multiple quotes from DSPs are available for a given order, the quote with the lowest fee will prevail.
Min Dispatch Order Amount
  • Minimum order amount required to qualify for a Dispatch delivery order.

  • Dispatch Tips: A common use case would be when the store location is charging a fixed delivery fee to the end customer (e.g. $4.99) and wants the economics to work for expense versus revenue. For example, the Brand may have calculated that the break-even point for offsetting. 
Max Dispatch Order Amount
  • Maximum amount Olo can display to customers for the delivery fee in the UI. If a DSP quote is above this max fee, the ordering interface will indicate delivery is not available at this time.

Max Dispatch
Delivery Fee

  • Maximum $ Dispatch Fee that you want you or your customer to pay for delivery.

  • For example: If the DSP quotes $9 for delivery and you have $7 as your Max Dispatch Delivery Fee, then we will not show the quotes to the customer. 

Max Transit Time

  • Maximum amount of time a DSP can quote for transit, typically in order to ensure food is kept hot and fresh!

  • Dispatch Tips: We generally recommend leaving this field blank to provide a higher probability that delivery will be available for a customer's order. If the setting is too restrictive (e.g. 20 minutes), there is a reduced probability that a DSP will return a quote for delivery. We have seen some providers quote deliveries at 45 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes during peak times. If you set a narrow window for the max transit time, please note this may increase the likelihood of customers getting a "no delivery available at this time" message
Preferred Providers
  • Stores with multiple delivery service providers (DSPs) can choose one or more preferred providers. Your preferred providers will be considered first for delivery quotes to your customers. If you have one preferred provider, the provider will automatically win any bid where they return an acceptable quote (provided the quote falls within your max transit time and delivery fee settings). If your preferred DSP(s) cannot fulfill the delivery request for any reason, quotes from other DSPs will be returned instead - as long as they fulfill your Dispatch settings.

  • If you have multiple preferred providers, this will enter a tiered bidding system. Your request will be bid on by your preferred DSPs and the winning quote will be decided by your set tiebreaker (fastest or cheapest). If none of your preferred DSPs can fulfill the delivery request, it will go out for a bid amongst your non-preferred DSPs using the same tiebreaker.
Cancel Email Notifications
  • Email notifications will be sent to this address for any Dispatch order that has been canceled either by the store, DSP or by Dispatch. Please provide comma separated email addresses if you would like to receive cancellation notifications.
Support CC Email Notifications
  • Use this setting to opt into to every Dispatch refund or dispute request that is submitted through Dashboard. These email address values are also used for any tickets that are automatically submitted by Dispatch
Pickup Instructions
  • Instructions presented to the delivery courier through their app. Max 125 character limit.
 Quick Ticket
  • Use this setting to enable or disable the support ticket automation feature. If delivery is canceled even before the driver has arrived at the store, then we automatically submit a support ticket to dispute for the delivery fee, tips and order subtotal.
Priority Order Value and Provider
  • The order value at which an alternate priority delivery provider will be used rather than stores normal set of providers
Dispatch Fee Tiers
  • Check out this article to understand how to set up fees
  • Dispatch Tips: Read this article to get an understanding of what different settings mean and how they can be used with different tiers


Some additional settings are managed internally by Olo, and are not available directly in the Olo Dashboard. Please reach out to to update these settings. 

(Dispatch) Delivery Fee Taxable
  • Enabling this setting calculates tax on the delivery fee presented to the customer. The delivery fee tax is added to the existing "sales tax" line item during checkout.
Allow Advance Orders for Dispatch
  • Enabling this setting will allow future orders to be placed for Dispatch. Bonus: With advance orders enabled for your stores, you also get opted into our Food Freshness feature. 
Customer Facing Error Messages for Dispatch 
  • Brands can customize the default error message presented to customers when placing a Dispatch order. Read this detailed article for more info.




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