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Dispatch Fee Settings

Dispatch fee settings allow stores to configure how delivery fees are presented to their customers. The settings can be consistent across stores, or set up to be unique based on a store's market variables. For assistance with navigating to the Dispatch settings in Dashboard, refer to this article about Dispatch store settings

  • Rule: A specific parameter you'd like to impose on a subtotal range
  • Fee Type & Amounts: Unique fee setting and cost you'd like to impose on that subtotal range.

Review the Dispatch Fee Rules & Types overview for more information. This can be configured for a single store or for multiple stores at once. Scroll to the bottom of this article to see tutorial videos for each scenario.


An unlimited amount of Rules can be created, with a unique Fee Type & Amount for each. 



  1. In Dashboard, go to Dispatch Settings Dispatch Fee
    • By default, Rule #1 will already be set up for your store with a range of $0.00 minimum and a No Limit maximum (all Dispatch stores must have at least one fee rule)
  2. Click +Add Tier to create a new fee rule
  3. Define the Subtotal Range and Fee Type & Amount for the new rule
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each new rule you'd like to create
  5. Click Save to update fee rules. Confirm there are no errors when you submit the update.  



In the following example, we have set two rules:

  1. If the order subtotal is between $0 to $9.99 then Dispatch Fee is the fee charged to the customer.
  2. If the order subtotal is between $10 to No Limit with Subtotal Percent (10%) of the order subtotal charged to the customer.


Single Store Tutorial:


Multiple Store (Bulk Edit) Tutorial:

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