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Dispatch Order Tracker Overview

Brands using Serve and Dispatch now automatically share a real-time map on the ‘Thank You’ page once checkout is completed allowing customers to track their deliveries progress. No action is needed to ensure this is live on your ordering site. The map will appear by default providing details including the approximate time until arrival and the driver’s information. Customers will still receive an order confirmation email with a link to this tracker and text message notifications from the delivery service provider if the brand has enabled that feature.

When this map is enabled, and the order is not yet completed (canceled or delivered), customers will see their courier’s location and any contact information that’s available.

  • When the order status is marked as ‘Pickup In Progress’, the messaging is customizable. This message can also include the name of the delivery provider that is delivering the order to the customer. Please contact an Olo Specialist if you’d like to change this messaging.
  • The map polls the courier’s location every 60 seconds and displays markers that change as their location changes. Customers do not need to refresh the page for the data to auto-update as the page will update automatically.
  • The map will stop updating once the Dispatch order’s status is marked as  ‘Delivered’.


Brands who haven’t migrated to Serve, our new responsive ordering experience, will not have access to this update. Also, brands using custom front-ends for the tracker will also not have access to this update. If you need to disable this feature for any reason, you can open a ticket on the Help Center and request the change. 

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