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Quick Ticket: Automated Support Tickets

With Quick Ticket, Olo will automatically create a support ticket requesting a refund anytime the DSP initiates a cancellation prior to arriving at the pickup location OR while the delivery is in progress for one of the following reasons:

  • DSPOtherReason
  • DriverFailure
  • ServiceOverCommitted
  • IncompatibleDeliveryMode

To enable Quick Ticket:

  1. Within Olo Dashboard, go to Settings > select Dispatch Settings > select store
  2. Add the email address(es) you would like cc'ed on these tickets in the Dispatch Support CC Emails field. Separate multiple addresses with a semicolon. This is required for Dispatch Support Tickets to be created.
  3. Toggle Quick Ticket ON


Within an order's Dispatch details, an automated support ticket will be differentiated by [Auto] <insert Store Name> as the requester’s name and the reason as Automated: Courier canceled delivery.



What message goes to the DSP?

Hello _____ Support, 

We are requesting a refund for this order to reconcile an unsuccessful delivery by the driver.

Customer Name: [dropoff_name]
Delivery ID: [external_delivery_id]
Olo Order ID: [client_reference]

Food total: $[order_subtotal]
Delivery fee: $[delivery_fee]
Driver tip: $[delivery_tip]
Order Details: [order_details]

Estimated Drop-off Time: [estimated_dropoff_time]
Actual Drop-off Time: [dropoff_time]
Estimated Pickup Time: [estimated_pickup_time]
Actual Pickup Time: [pickup_time]

Please confirm the refund status and refund amount within 14 days of receiving this ticket. You can find the delivery ID and other details in the header for this ticket.

This ticket has been submitted on behalf of the brand by Olo Dispatch. Thank you for your partnership!


How am I notified of new support tickets?

You will also be notified in the Store Cancelation Email about automated tickets. This email is sent whenever there is a cancelation. Anyone included in the ‘Dispatch Support CC Emails’ field will be notified and can communicate with the DSP as needed.

Generate a Support Ticket Report for a full list of support tickets generated for your stores.

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