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Dispatch Priority Order Settings

Customize your delivery experience by setting up a priority for Dispatch orders based on the order value. 

To enable this setting in the Dashboard, follow the instructions in the Dispatch Store Settings.

  • Use this setting to push large catering orders on Dispatch which require special attention to a specific provider.

  • Use this to manage your self-delivery (via Dispatch) experience. Move large orders to self-delivery providers and smaller orders to delivery service providers (DSPs).
    • To learn more about enabling self-delivery via Dispatch, contact us at

How does this feature work?

If you enable this setting by providing a priority order value and a priority delivery service provider, then during the quote request process, we will first check for order value.  

  • If the order value is greater than or equal to the priority order value, we will "always" ask for a quote from the priority DSP. This will ignore the Preferred Provider setting unless the priority order delivery provider is also preferred.

  • If the DSP provides a quote, the customer will continue with that option or we will notify the customer that delivery is not available at this time.

  • If the order value is below the priority order value, we will use our standard logic to poll for the best DSP based on the Dispatch settings for the store.

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