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Expo FAQ

Below are some commonly asked questions we’ve received regarding Expo’s capabilities and how it integrates with the Dashboard. If your question isn’t answered below be sure to open a ticket with our Support Team.

Is Expo an app? What hardware and software are needed to use Expo?

All the necessary technical information to get you started on Expo can be found here


Where should I put Expo in my restaurant?

This really depends on your workflow. Since each restaurant set-up is different, this will be up to you. We have seen Expo placed on the expo line, to-go booth, bar, hostess stand, among other places. In some situations, we have even seen restaurants opt for two devices - one where the food is packaged and one where the food is handed off to the guest.


Can I process a refund using Expo?

No, but this is on our roadmap.


Can I view orders with a handoff mode of ‘Manual Fire Mode’ on Expo?

No, but this is on our roadmap and likely to be complete by the end of 2019.


How many locations can I view on Expo at once?

You can only view one location’s orders at a time. This includes all orders associated with a location (ex: To-Go, Catering).


If I use Dispatch and/or Rails, will I continue to see those orders through Expo?

Yes! All the orders you currently see in Dashboard will be available to you on Expo.


Will I know when a Dispatch driver’s status has changed?

Yes! We will have clear indicators when a Dispatch driver canceled. Additionally, we have indicators when a driver will be arriving earlier or later than the originally quoted time.


Can I re-request a new Dispatch driver?

Yes! You can request additional deliveries from Expo. The form is short and simple, in order for you to spend more time with your guests.


Can I see if a Rails driver has a change in status?

No. Currently, our Rails partners do not give us driver information, so we have no way to passing that on to Expo.


Will I be notified when an order fails due to a bad payment?

Yes! A notification will appear when a payment method failed indicating the order should no longer be prepared.


Are there special considerations for larger orders?

Yes! We allow you on a brand or vendor level to set your definition of a large order. Once this is set any order equal or greater than the set price will display visually different.

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