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Expo Mode Comparison Chart








     Integrates with POS 

     Ability to view linked channels (i.e. catering, Switchboard, virtual concepts) on a single device

     Ability to auto accept orders

     Ability to manually accept orders

     Must have app open to accept orders

     Ability to view all future orders

     Ability to hide future orders beyond today

     Ability to view Dispatch orders

     Ability to view Rails orders

     Multiple Devices in a Single Location



     Ability to re-request a dispatch delivery

     Ability to see Dispatch driver status

     Ability to see Dispatch driver map


     Ability to see driver name and phone

     Ability to be notified when a driver cancels

     Ability to be notified when a driver is delayed

     Ability to be notified when a driver is early

Notifications (Customized Expo Notifications) 


     Audio notification for a new order

     Audio notification for an order fails 

     Dispatch driver cancels 

     Order late fails

     POS down 

     Olo down 

     Expo down

     Internet down 

     Customer Arrival 



    Chit layout print 

     Letter layout print

     Group/batch printing

     Auto print



     Ability to early fire 

     Ability to manual fire

     Ability to issue full refunds



     Ability to issue partial refunds/adjustments

     Ability to 86/68 items

     Ability to disable ordering 



     Configure and view large order indicator 

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