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Expo Overview

Expo is our tablet-based software solution focused on enhancing the front-of-house (FOH) workflow in restaurants. Expo works whether you’re using an Olo POS-integrated platform or a non-integrated POS platform, such as Olo's SSOS solution. Expo can be installed on any tablet and linked to your restaurant location. Once installed, it will let your in-store teams effortlessly manage online orders without leaving the counter.

Expo reduces a lot of the pain points associated with managing your digital programs. You won’t need to run to the back-of-house (BOH) to manage orders saving you precious time during the busiest hours of the day. 


We are continually adding features to Expo. For now, FOH teams can:

  • Early fire orders
  • Manual fire orders
  • Issue full refunds
  • Re-request Dispatch drivers for delivery orders
  • Accept orders (if configured to not auto-accept)

Restaurants will receive notifications on Expo when:

  • Dispatch drivers cancel
  • Order late fails
  • Internet is down
  • Olo is experiencing issues
  • Expo is down
  • The POS is down 
  • A curbside customer arrives 
  • An order needs to be accepted (if configured to not auto-accept)

Additionally, in-store teams can view:

  • All future orders and orders from the past 24 hours
  • Multiple channel or vendor viewing on a single instance of Expo
  • Order details
  • Dispatch details
  • Dispatch partner contact info
  • Dispatch driver contact info
  • Dispatch deliver progress
  • Rails partner contact info
  • Large order badges
  • Dispatch driver delayed badges
  • Dispatch driver early badges

Planned future updates:

  • Cancel orders 
  • Auto printing (Standalone only)


How to get started with Expo

To activate Expo for your restaurants, there are three options:

  • Create an Expo support ticket 
  • Reach out to your Customer Success Manager
  • If you have access to the User Management section of Dashboard you can activate Expo without needing to contact Olo

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