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Delivery Cost Calculator

We've developed a simple tool to help you understand the economics of your direct delivery program. This streamlined delivery cost calculator is available to download and help you review different the costs associated with delivery.

Using this tool we hope you are able to make the best decisions for your business in regards to fee types, custom fees, and fee costs. If you have questions about this tool, or the Dispatch fee settings in the Dashboard, please submit a request with our Help team.


Fields that require input are highlighted in red in the excel file:

Input Field


Menu Price of Order Average price of a delivery order for your restaurant(s)
Menu Price markup (optional) Percent markup you are applying to your marketplace menus
Consumer Delivery fee The price you charge your guests for delivery
Service Fee % Optional custom fee to further help offset the cost of delivery
Delivery Fee to Brand Fee charged by the Delivery Service Provider (DSP) per delivery
Service Fee to Brand

Per order fee Olo charges for delivery


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