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Dispatch FAQ

How does Dispatch work?

Dispatch brings together a network of delivery service providers (DSPs) on one platform enabling your restaurant(s) to offer a consistent delivery experience through your website and app. Customers are able to order using your existing online ordering system and orders are prepared as usual, with a final hand-off to the DSP who fulfills the delivery.

What are the benefits Dispatch?

Dispatch gives restaurants the ability to offer branded-delivery directly through your site and app. Using Dispatch allows you to craft the best user experience and, most importantly, own the relationship with your customers. Our continually growing nationwide DSP network covers more than 50% of the US population and offers you flexibility when deciding which delivery providers to work with. Restaurants can choose to work with all DSPs that offer coverage in your area or a select few who meet your chosen criteria.

Dispatch integrates with your POS system so all delivery orders are sent directly to restaurants with no additional hardware needed. Orders are managed via Olo’s make-time logic to ensure food is fresh and ready to handoff when couriers arrive. The best part? Delivery orders through Dispatch don’t come with hefty commissions you would otherwise pay for orders originating on third-party marketplaces (Dispatch pricing details are covered below). Brands have the ability to control fees incurred by the customer based on market conditions or store-specific needs.

Which DSPs are integrated with Dispatch?

As of October 2018, we have over 13 DSPs currently live on Dispatch. Depending on each provider’s coverage area, your restaurants may or may not have access to all the DSPs listed below.

  • DeliverLogic
  • DoorDash
  • Dropoff
  • EatStreet
  • Eatzy
  • Favor
  • Forward
  • Gourmet Runner
  • Habitat
  • Jolt
  • PDQ
  • Postmates
  • Zifty

How can I see which DSPs cover my restaurant?

Follow the instructions in this article to understand which DSPs offer coverage in your area.

How can I enable/disable a DSP?

You can enable additional DSPs through your brand Dashboard settings. To learn how this works, follow the steps in this article.

How much does Dispatch cost?

There is a flat $0.50 fee per order passed to Olo. Any other associated delivery fees are charged by the DSP. These costs may vary depending on your agreement.


What does the money flow look like for brands using Dispatch for delivery?

Below is an example of a typical order placed via Dispatch and how the fees are passed between consumers, merchants, DSPs, and Olo.

Can you view Dispatch delivery orders separately from pickup orders in Dashboard?

Yes, on the Dashboard homepage there is an option to filter and only see Dispatch orders that have been placed. If you want to view a history of the Dispatch orders, go to the Reports section of Dashboard and follow these steps to run a report detailing your past delivery orders.

What Dispatch controls are available via Dashboard?

You can learn more about Dispatch settings and controls in this article.


How do I setup Dispatch if I currently don’t have it?

Check with your corporate team first to make sure a Dispatch agreement has been signed between your brand and Olo. Once a contact has been finalized you can contact our team at to get more information.


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