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Dispatch Delivery Reports

Dashboard users now have the ability to generate Dispatch reports and filter based on information that's most important to your store. Filters include Dispatch status, order status, Delivery Service Provider, etc.

Not live with Dispatch but want to learn more? Send us a message and our team will be happy to assist you.

To start generating these reports:

  1. Login to the Dashboard

  2. Navigate to Reports, then click Dispatch

  3. Select the store you want the report to be generated for

  4. Select the type of Report > Deliveries Report

  5. Now you can filter using all the drop-down boxes including on Dispatch status, order status, and order by time placed/time wanted

  6. Once you've selected the necessary filters, click Generate Report and the report will be created in the My Reports section of Dashboard

7. Once you've downloaded the report it will contain data separated by these headers:

  • OrderID
  • OrderStatus
  • DeliveryId
  • PosReference
  • StoreId
  • VendorName
  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • DeliveryService
  • SubTotal
  • Tip
  • DeliveryCharge
  • AmountQuoted
  • SalesTax
  • Total
  • QuotedPickupTimeEstimate
  • QuotedDropoffTimeEstimate
  • PickupTime
  • DropoffTime
  • DispatchStatus
  • CancelReason
  • SupportTickets


If you run into issues with report creation please submit a ticket on the Help Center and our team will be happy to assist you


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