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Dispatch Overview

Dispatch allows your brand to satisfy growing customer demand for food delivery without the complications of managing your own drivers or contracts with multiple delivery providers. Open a new revenue channel of customers willing to pay for the convenience of delivery. Grow takeout ticket size – up to double the average pickup order – while staying in control.

By integrating third-party delivery couriers to your native online orders, Dispatch helps you grow customer loyalty while opening new revenue channels through a direct digital experience. 


Here's a quick overview of how Dispatch works within Olo:

  1. Customer visits your existing digital ordering site or mobile app, builds an order, and pays ahead
  2. At checkout, the customer selects Delivery
  3. Upon selecting Delivery the customer enters their delivery address and receives the best-matched quote from available DSPs. They will then be able to view the delivery fee and estimated delivery time returned from the DSP and can continue with the order
  4. The order is then sent to the store like all online orders and the DSP will pick up the food and deliver it to the customer
  5. The customer can track the entire delivery process from the courier traveling to the restaurant to the order being delivered – all live from the digital ordering website/app


Direct Digital Experience

  • Orders are handled by your brand, under your control. You control the guest experience instead of sending customers to a marketplace
  • Integrate with loyalty programs so guests can continue to earn points and rewards


Integrated Operations

  • No additional effort required on your part - orders are processed just like all other online orders, with a delivery courier making the pickup instead of a customer
  • No commission paid on each delivery - customers pay for their deliveries in the Dispatch model eliminating the 20-30% commission fees that the DSPs require


Delivery at Scale

  • Optimize delivery pricing and strategies to align with your business needs
  • Drive traffic to new dayparts, with higher average order size for delivery

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