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Estimated Make Time

Estimated make time is defined at the Category Level within the Menu Admin tool.

Dashboard users are asked to add the time needed to prepare an individual item and the time needed to prepare five items. Each additional category added to the order will add a percentage of time over and above the individual category time.  

Olo will take the highest make time from a category and will add a nominal percentage of make time for every other category ordered to come up with the total make time for a order

Prep Time needed to make:

    1 item = Base

    5 items = Establishes the Marginal Added Time per additional product

This is configured in the Company Menu in Dashboard. Select Edit Category on the chosen category. You can then select Estimated Make Time for the Make Time Calculation and then configure the time in minutes for 1 and 5 products. 

Important note: Please make sure you add a different value for the time it takes to make 5 vs the time it takes to make 1. If it is the same value for both fields, no additional time will be added for each incremental item added after the first. 


Example make times using Estimated Make Time:

1 item = 15 min

5 items = 35 min

4 additional items = 20 additional minutes = 5 minutes per additional item

This 5 minutes will extend to infinity.


Example 12 items calculation:

1 item = 15 min

+ 11 items x 5 min = 55 min

= 70 min estimate


Example 7 items calculation:

1 item = 15 min

+ 6 items x 5 min = 30 min

= 45 min estimate


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