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Quote Time

Using Quote Time will show the customer the same time estimate for an order no matter how large or small the order. Quote Time is recommended when all products on the menu share the same make time regardless of the amount of items ordered. Example menu offerings include wings and smoothies. With Quote Time, you can say any order that comes in during a particular time will always take X amount of minutes. 

Quote Time is configured in the Dashboard per 15 minute increments and is set per vendor. The user can set the Quote Time (make time) for each time slot that the store is open.

Example: The Quote Time is set to 15 minutes for a time slot, this means that the make time for any size order for that store would be 15 minutes. If the user places their order at 9:00 and the Quote Time between 9:00-9:15 is set to 15 minutes, the user would be given a 9:15 pickup time. This would be the same Quote Time if the user ordered 1 item or 50 items on the menu.

If your brand wants the quoted time to increase based on the items in the user's cart, then Quote Time would not be the best solution for you. In this case, you'd want to use the Estimated Make Time algorithm (set at the brand & category level).

Quote Time Schedule

Quote Time Schedule allows a user to set the Quote Time to be provided to the customer throughout the week. The user can choose to use the same quote time for all open hours, or the user can adjust quote time to give the store more time during rush hours (and shorter for other times, if desired).

To get to the Quote Time Schedule, log on to the Olo Dashboard at Next, Click on Settings and Store Settings. Next, choose the store you'd like to update and click "Confirm Store Selection". On the next page click on "Quote Time Schedule" to update that store's Quote Time. 


You can type changes directly on the schedule, after which you must click “Save Quote Time Schedule.” You also have the ability to copy/paste this schedule into Excel or a similar spreadsheet program, edit it, and then copy/paste back in the Dashboard and Save.  

Quote Time Overrides

Quote Time Override allows a user to adjust the Quote Time starting NOW and continues for a set period of time. For example, if the store gets unexpectedly busy, they can set a Quote Time Override so that all customers are now quoted 30 minutes instead of 15 minutes when placing orders in the next 2 hours. Once the override ends, the Quote Time will return to being dictated by the Quote Time Schedule. 

In the below example, the user has changed the quote time from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, and has used the slider to schedule the change to last for the next 3 hours and 30 minutes.


Once activated the Order Quote Time screen will display the override and a countdown to the end of the override. The user will also see an option to Change Order Quote Time or Remove Override. The override tool also records a history of users who have added and/or deleted an override in the system.

The Quote Time Schedule and the Quote Time Override functionality can be used to help your locations manage online orders during peak periods. 

 If you don't see the Quote Time Settings in the Dashboard for a vendor, it is safe to say that the location/brand do not use Quote Time. Instead, they use Order Ready Time, which is set at the company level and cannot be changed by a vendor.



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