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Lead Time Extension Tool

The Lead Time Extension tool allows Dashboard users with Settings permission to temporarily add up to 60 minutes to the ASAP estimates shown to customers. In addition, Scheduled orders with a handoff time that occurs during the extension period will be fired with additional advance notice. Any orders placed prior to enablement of an Extension will not be updated with additional lead time minutes. This functionality is only available to customers who set make times in Menu Admin (Order Ready Time). If your brand uses Quote Time, reference this article to learn about our Quote Time Override functionality. 

Accessing the Lead Time Extension tool

Enabling the tool as a Brand Manager

First, a Dashboard user with Brand Manager permission must confirm they and other Dashboard managers using the Lead Time Extension Tool have access to Settings permissions. This user is typically a corporate employee. 

Steps for enabling the tool as a Brand Manager

  1. Navigate to the Brand tab in Dashboard. Expand the tab and select Brand Settings.

  2. Under the General tab, you will see a toggle, "Enable Lead Time Extension Tool." By default, the option is disabled. To enable your Dashboard users with Settings permission to access the tool for any of their associated vendors, toggle the option to Yes and click Save.


Steps for disabling the tool as a Brand Manager

  1. Access the same Brand Settings page as outlined above

  2. To disable your Dashboard users with Settings permission from accessing the tool for any of their associated vendors, toggle the option to "No" and click "Save."

Note that any active Lead Time Extensions will be canceled upon disabling the Lead Time Extension Tool.

Accessing the tool as a user with Settings permission

Steps for accessing the tool as a user with Settings permission

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab in Dashboard. Expand the tab and select "Store Settings."

  2. Select your desired store from the tree

  3. Click Lead Time Extension Settings


After navigating to the Store Settings index page for a vendor, if you do not see the Lead Time Extension Settings link but believe you should, please contact your brand administrator.


Using the Lead Time Extension tool

Enabling Lead Time Extensions

  1. Select a number of minutes to add to all lead times quoted to customers from the "Extend all lead times by" dropdown menu

  2. Select a time for the extension to expire by selecting a time from the "Extension expiration" dropdown menu

  3. Click "Start Extension"




Once the extension has been started, a row will appear in the "Past day activity" table with an Active status confirming that the extension is active.


Immediate (aka ASAP) order impact

Customers placing orders for immediate handoff will begin seeing the selected number of extension minutes added to their default basket lead times. For example, if a customer's basket would normally show a 15 minute estimate, then a 20 minute Lead Time Extension would cause the customer to see a 35 minute estimate.

Scheduled order impact

Orders placed at vendors using the Olo Scheduler will fire to POS earlier than usual. For example, if a scheduled order that would normally require 15 minutes is placed during a 20 minute extension period, the order will fire to POS 35 minutes ahead of handoff time.

Delivery orders

The delivery lead time will continue to add to the basket lead time. In the above ASAP example, a delivery requiring 10 minutes to deliver would result in the basket estimate being 45 minutes. In the Scheduled order example, if the customer chooses 5:30pm for their delivery time and delivery requires 15 minutes, then the order will fire to POS at 4:40pm.

5:30pm minus 15 delivery minutes = 5:15pm

5:15pm minus 35 minutes basket estimate (including 20 minute Lead Time Extension) = 4:40pm

Maximum Lead Time Extension

Lead Time Extensions cannot contain more than 60 extension minutes.

Latest Extension End Time

Lead Time Extensions cannot extend past midnight of the current day and cannot be created for future hour ranges or days. Lead Time Extensions are effective immediately upon creation.


  1. Create a basket at the selected vendor with at least 1 product in it.
  2. Observe the lead time estimate displayed on the basket.
  3. Create a Lead Time Extension at the vendor using the steps outlined above.
  4. Refresh the basket.

The lead time estimate should now include the Lead Time Extension Minutes. For example, if your basket showed a 10 minute estimate prior to creating a 10 minute extension, then upon refreshing, your basket should show a 20 minute estimate.

15 minute basket without an active lead time extension


15 minute basket with an active lead time extension


Canceling Lead Time Extensions

Steps for canceling Lead Time Extensions

  1. While a Lead Time Extension is in an Active status, click the "Cancel Extension" button.

The Lead Time Extension will be immediately canceled and customers will no longer see the additional time added to their baskets. Orders that were already placed during the active extension period will not be changed. Customers and couriers will expect their orders to be ready at the originally quoted time.

Understanding the data table

The "Past day activity" table displays approximately the last 24 hours of Lead Time Extension activity. All users with access to a vendor will see the same data regarding that vendor's last 24 hours of extension activity. 


Using Lead Time Extensions with your own applications

In addition to the Dashboard tool, Olo provides an API for managing Lead Time Extensions. The endpoint documentation can be found in the Ops API documentation in the Olo Developer Portal.



Q: Do Lead Time Extensions apply to Rails orders?

Yes, any order that qualifies for a Lead Time Extension will receive one.

Q: I enabled a Lead Time Extension but noticed that no additional time was added to a scheduled order. Why did this occur?

If the order's handoff time is after the Lead Time Extension period expiration time, then no additional lead time will be added. In other words, the order will fire without additional preparation time.


Q: Does the Lead Time Extension get included in any Order Throttling calculations?

Yes, the full amount of make time minutes (normal make time + extension make time) will be allocated to Make Time Minutes Per Period time slots. 


Q. Can orders that had a Lead Time Extension applied also get ASAP Throttled

Yes, an order can have both extensions applied. Lead Time Extensions are applied to baskets automatically when an extension is active. If ASAP Throttling is enabled and the time slot for this order has reached capacity, the prep time shown to the customer will be extended again so the order can be allocated to an available time slot. 

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