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Order Make Times


Make times are used to determine two things:

  1. What available pickup times to show to a customer

  2. What time the order should print at the store to ensure there is enough time to prepare the meal

Each order will be assigned a total amount of make time minutes based on what items are in the order. Make times are assigned at a category level in the Olo Company Menu. The idea is that pizzas and a dessert could have significantly different prep needs, and should be weighted differently.

Each category needs to be assigned with a make time for 1 product, and a make time for 5 products.

  • Example: Let’s assign the pizza category to have a make time of 5 minutes for 1 item, and 25 minutes for 5 items, and the dessert category a make time of 4 minutes for 1 item and 8 minutes for 5 items. This breaks down to 5 minutes for each additional pizza meal after the first, and 1 minute for each additional dessert after the first.

When the user builds an order the estimated make time algorithm looks at what items are in the basket, and starts creating a make time starting from the item with the longest initial time. If multiple categories are ordered from, Olo will take the make time from the highest category as the make time of the order and will add a nominal percentage for each additional category ordered from. 

What does the customer see?

If we were submitting our order for 3 pizzas and 2 desserts as an ASAP order we would see a pickup time of 17 minutes after time placed.

If we were submitting our order for later in the day, we would not see a pickup option that was less than 17 minutes away. For example, if it is 11 am, the next available pickup time is going to be 11:30 am.

What does the store see?

The ASAP order would print at the store immediately.

The scheduled order would print 17 minutes prior to pickup time.



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