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Order Make Times


Make time is used to determine the available pickup times to show a customer, and if your brand uses the Olo Scheduler to fire orders, make time is used to determine when the order should fire to the POS, to ensure that there is enough time to prepare the meal.

Make times are set within the Olo Company Menu, at the category level, and there are three different make times to select from, based on the needs of your brand: Estimated Make Time, Fixed Make Time, and Catering Make Time. Each make time calculation is explained further below.

Note: Make times are required by certain POS systems, for orders to flow through successfully to a store. Brink, Qu, and Revel are three POS systems that have this requirement, where the make time should not be left at 0. In fact, Revel needs the make time to be at least 10 minutes (that is the minimum requirement). Please reach out to us if you are unsure of whether make time is a required entry for the POS you are integrated to.


1. Estimated Make Time


With estimated make time, you are required to enter the time needed to prepare one item and the time needed to prepare five items within a category. The values you enter into the two fields will then determine the time needed to prepare the order, based on what the customer has in their order. In the image above, as an example, we have specified that we need 5 minutes to prepare 1 product, and 20 minutes to prepare 5 products from the Simple Entrees category.

Refer to this article, to learn more about estimated make time.

2. Fixed Make Time


Fixed make time requires you to enter the total number of hours of notice needed ahead of an order. Orders containing items from a fixed make time category will automatically become advanced orders. Based on the image example above, we have specified that we need 5 hours of notice, prior to a customer being able to pick up an order containing items from this category.

Refer to this article to understand fixed make time further.

3. Catering Make Time


Catering make time requires you to enter the total number of hours ahead of pickup that a customer must place an order, along with the time of day when the catering orders should fire to the store on the day of pick up. Based on the image above, as an example, we have entered that we need an order to be placed at least 24 hours in advance of pickup, and that orders containing items from this category should fire to the store at 5 am, on the day of pickup, so that the store can begin to prepare the order.

Refer to this article to get a better understanding of catering make time.

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