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Dispatch Automated Delivery Rescue

Automated delivery rescue is a Dispatch feature that will automatically re-request deliveries that are canceled by Delivery Service Providers (DSPs). This feature is currently enabled for all brands on Dispatch. 


What has previously happened when a DSP cancels the delivery after accepting?

  • Guest places an order for delivery via Dispatch
  • The original delivery is canceled and the guest is notified
  • The store operator must re-request a delivery through Dashboard/Expo or the order is lost 
    • Manually challenging and easy to miss

How do automated delivery rescues work?

  • Guest places an order for delivery via Dispatch
  • The original delivery is canceled 
  • If eligible (see next section), Dispatch will submit a new quote request to the DSP network 
    • Dispatch will exclude the DSP who canceled the original delivery when possible
    • Having additional whitelisted DSPs will increase the probability of a successful rescue 
    • If only the original DSP is available, the new quote request will be sent to that DSP.
  • The new rescued delivery will be surfaced in Dashboard/Expo/Tracker and the original delivery will be marked as canceled. No cancellation communication will occur. 
    • If Dispatch is unable to rescue, the original delivery will be marked as canceled and regular cancellation communications will proceed 

The following criteria must be satisfied for a cancellation to be eligible for automated delivery rescue 

  • Cancellation is initiated by the DSP for an eligible reason 
    • DSPOtherReason, ServiceOverCommitted, IncompatibleDeliveryMode, DriverFailure, AutonomousDeliveryNotPermitted 
  • The cancellation occurs before the food has been picked up by the DSP
  • The time of cancellation is not more than 30 minutes after the estimated pickup time 

What if the original delivery fee is different than the rescued delivery fee? 

  • To prevent price discrepancy exposure, Dispatch will only accept quotes where the rescued delivery fee ≤ the original delivery fee

Future plans

  • Adding more controls allowing brands to condition exposure to price differences between rescued and original deliveries 
  • Expanding the scope of eligible cancellations with additional reason codes, driver assignment throttling, etc. 

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