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Delivery Guidelines


The details below serve as a set of guidelines for Dispatch customers and delivery service providers (DSPs) to highlight the responsibilities associated with the delivery from start to finish. This article may be updated from time to time with new obligations related to Dispatch customers’ use of the Dispatch service. Check back here periodically for updates to ensure you remain current on the guidelines. To the extent there is a conflict between these Delivery Guidelines and the terms of your Master Services Agreement (MSA) or Delivery Network Agreement (DNA), as applicable, the terms of your MSA or DNA will take precedence.

We have published a white paper with more comprehensive information. Additionally, you can reference the agreed upon Delivery Parameters and Refund Matrix if needed.

Dispatch Customer Responsibilities:

  • Technology: Ensure understanding of in-store tech tools (POS, Expo, etc.) on how delivery orders will arrive to the store through the POS with all order information.  Store is responsible for keeping in-store systems where orders arrive operational.  Include all store-specific pickup instructions in your Olo Dashboard. 

  • DSP Profiles: Brand to read and understand DSP profiles available in the Olo Dashboard and, if applicable, through the Olo API. Based on your review of the DSP profiles, select DSPs eligible to receive delivery quotes from you.

  • Delivery Requirements: Brand and store to set parameters in the Olo Platform to select DSPs to fulfill your delivery requests.

  • Restricted items: Store operator is prohibited from using the Dispatch service to deliver any of the following products:
    • Drugs, pharmaceuticals, or drug paraphernalia that is illegal, including marijuana and CBD
    • Guns, ammunition, or weapons of any kind
    • Content that depicts or contains pornography, obscenity, and other “adult” content

  • Sale of alcohol: If you choose to use Dispatch to deliver products containing alcohol, you are required to comply with all laws, rules, and regulations applicable to the sale and delivery of alcohol. You must properly tag any menu items which contain alcohol.

  • Preparing food for delivery handoff: Per the order details, the Dispatch customer is to prepare the food (including all condiments) in sealed bag(s) for a clear handoff to the courier.  The majority of the time the courier is not licensed in food handling and should not be expected to fill fountain drinks or assemble condiments.
    • Check order details: Have your designated team member double check the details of each order carefully, including any special instructions, before handing it off to the courier.
    • Separate foods by temperature: Keeping hot and cold foods in separate bags is mandatory. Packing a salad and a pizza together will give the guest a wilted salad and a cold pizza.
  • Packaging: Carefully packaging food for transit will preserve the quality of the food and prevent any food safety issues. Opting to seal packaging helps to prevent any tampering after handoff. 
  • Essentials: Unless otherwise indicated, assume the customer does not have any essentials. Don’t forget to include utensils, napkins, condiments, and any marketing material such as restaurant menus.
  • Passing food from kitchen to courier: Dispatch customers should verify that the correct order is passed to the courier.  Couriers will have order details and the customer first name.  Dispatch customers should be able to see the courier name in the Olo Dashboard and Expo.
    • Having an area for couriers to quickly pick up delivery orders ensures couriers can quickly move through the pick up process and get back on the road, keeping your guests happy with timely deliveries. This may be accomplished by: 
      • Designated delivery shelving for bags
      • Clear signage a courier can follow to a delivery order pick up zone
      • Delivery orders separated from pick up orders
      • Orders organized in a logical way for easy identification by a DSP
      • External ticket on bags to allow  the DSP to confirm order is accurate
    • Confirm the courier name (shown in Dashboard or Expo) matches who the courier is on arrival.
    • Confirm the guest’s name, phone number or order ID with the courier before handing the order off. Use this handoff as an opportunity to check for order content accuracy one additional time
    • Designate an area specifically for handoff
    • Identify delivery couriers 
    • Triple check your order
  • Providing communication and support for delivery issues: 
    • Provide effective support: To ensure smooth communication between the customer, courier, and store, keep the following information in mind.
    • Keep couriers and guests updated when there are delays: The Olo Dashboard and Expo have full delivery information including real-time courier arrival times and DSP / courier contact information.  The store will be the point of contact for the customer. 
    • Filing Support requests:  To report an issue with a Dispatch order you may submit a request through the Olo Dashboard. Instructions on how to do so can be found here. Please submit a request through our Help Center for any other assistance from our Help team.
    • Closing the loop with the guest: The Dispatch customer is responsible for following up with the customer and issuing any refunds or requesting a new delivery.

Delivery Provider Responsibilities:

  • Technology: Delivery Service Provider is responsible to accept a quoted order, provided the acceptance is within 5 minutes of the quote request. Provide all relevant order details to the courier.  Send Olo updated delivery statuses and estimated time of arrival / delivery with courier location updates every 30 seconds after a courier has been assigned.

  • DSP Profiles: Fill out the DSP Profile accurately and update it on a regular basis.

  • Delivery pickup: DSP will work with their courier to follow pickup instructions provided in app and in-store signage when you arrive at the location.  

    • Identify yourself
      • Let the store know what delivery service you are with and who you are as they do have the courier name.

    • Triple check your order
      • Confirm the guest’s name, order details and order ID with the Dispatch customer before taking the order. Use this handoff as an opportunity to check for order accuracy.
      • Verify that the store had sealed the bag. If not, please ask the store to seal the bag to maintain freshness.

  • Delivery dropoff: DSP will work with their courier to follow dropoff instructions provided in the app when you arrive at the location.  

    • Identify yourself
      • Contact the customer directly if you need help finding the location and deliver to the customer’s door.
      • Let the customer know what store you are delivering for

    • Triple check you have the right customer and order
      • Confirm the guest’s name, order details and order ID with the customer before handing over the order. 

    • Treat Dispatch customers like guests. Never ask for a tip as it should be optional.

  • Providing communication and support for delivery issues: 
    • Keep stores and guests updated when there are delays. Please communicate any delays to your DSP and/or customer. 

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