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Report a Dispatch Issue

Report issues about a Dispatch order or request a refund by submitting a support ticket in the Dashboard. Using support tickets helps us ensure your issue is sent to the correct Delivery Service Provider (DSP) support team and lets you track the status in the Dashboard. To better understand the resolution path from a high level, please reference our Dispatch Accountability Matrix.

To report a Dispatch issue in the Dashboard:

  1. In the Dashboard, navigate to the specific Dispatch order

  2. Within Order Details, click the Report Dispatch Issue button


  3. In the pop-up, select the appropriate issue type and a description of the issue. Some information about the delivery will be pre-populated.



How do I track a support ticket's status?

Support tickets can be tracked in bulk by pulling a Support Ticket Report. For an individual order, all tickets submitted will appear in the Dispatch Support Tickets section of the Order Details. 


Ticket changes made by our Support team take 24 hours to reflect in the Dashboard. The tracker will include the following updates. 

Submitter’s Name Name of the person who submitted the ticket.
Ticket ID Support Ticket ID; this is used by Olo and DSP to troubleshoot disputes
Close Date Date when the support ticket was resolved
Resolution: approved Ticket was approved for a refund by the DSP
Resolution: rejected Ticket was rejected for a refund by the DSP
Resolution: <blank> Ticket is waiting for a resolution from the DSP


What happens after I submit a support ticket?

The ticket submitter will receive an email confirmation, including a summary of the support ticket. Olo Support and the DSP will investigate the issue and may reach out for more information. All communications are handled via email with the ticket submitter included for visibility. If a corporate contact wishes to be notified of all support ticket submissions, update the Support CC Email Notifications field in the store's Dispatch Settings.

If the support ticket involves a refund request, Olo Support will update the internal status of the ticket for the following fields.

Refund Order Subtotal This denotes that order subtotal was refunded
Refund Delivery Fee This denotes that delivery fee was refunded
Refund Tip This denotes that the tip was refunded
Refund Other This denotes that the DSP didn't identify the refund cost in a specific category


How do I know if a ticket was approved or denied for a refund?

You can either review the Dispatch Details of a specific order or generate a Support Ticket Report to see the refund resolution.



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