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Order Package Overview

What is an order package?

Order packages are used to bill restaurants for a set amount of online orders they expect to receive on a monthly basis. Think of these as similar to a smartphone’s data package tiers. These packages are selected and billed on a location-by-location basis. Each package has a number of orders based on the volume you anticipate to receive per month. Brands can choose an order package that best suits their needs. The standard order packages are:

  • Extra-small - 10
  • Small - 100
  • Medium - 300
  • Large - 700
  • Extra-large - 3,000 

       *orders per month


Do I have an order package?

If you’re unsure about the current pricing model details can be found in your MSA. If you’re a store operator with billing access we recommend contacting your corporate team to learn more about the costs specific to your location.


How much does each package cost?

Review your MSA for all pricing details related to your brand’s order package costs per location. These fees are billed monthly and can be viewed on the Dashboard under the Billing section. Brands that go over the monthly allotment will be charged a small fee for each order over the chosen package limit.


How can I adjust order packages?

If you are a corporate employee or have billing access for a specific restaurant You can do that by completing an Order Package Change Request Form. All changes to order packages completed by the end of the month will be applied to the following month’s invoice. For example, submitting order package changes in January will apply to the February billing period which we invoice for in March.

Have questions or need help?

Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information regarding your order package. They can provide more details and reports specific to your brand.

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