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Olo App Process Overview

If you are interested in updating or releasing an app for your brand, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Deployment Manager to get started! 

Below is an overview of the app creation process. Keep in mind, this typically takes 3-4 months to complete.

  • App asset creation and delivery:
    • If your assets do not fit the requirements, the Specialist will provide feedback on how to update assets
    • If assets fit requirements, Olo will start the development of the app 
    • Assets are sent to Olo through your brand's Google folder using the Olo Style Guide and checklist(s) for asset creation
    • An Olo Front End Specialist reviews the provided assets

  • App development and review:
    • App development takes 10-15 business days
    • During the app development, you can review the app with the following options:
      • Screenshare - A video demonstration of the mobile app provided by Olo
      • Testflight - A downloadable version of the iOS app. This option adds an additional week to the QA process
    • Once reviewed, the app will go through its final round of QA

  • App release:
    • Apple may take 3 business days to review the submitted app
    • Google may take 1 business day to review the submitted app
    • Once the app is built, Olo will upload and submit the iOS and Android apps to their respective stores
    • Your brand can choose either an automatic release or release the app on a specific day once it has been approved by Apple and Google

Important notes

  • Olo will need access to your Apple Developer + iTunes Connect Accounts. If you do not yet have one, you can follow the steps here to create one.
  • Olo will need your Universal Apps Tracking ID that can be configured in Google Analytics.
  • The email you set-up for the Apple Developer account will need to be an email you are able to check frequently. The Apple Developer Console will frequently update its Terms of Agreement that will need to be signed before Olo can release any updates to your app. 

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