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How to Create an Apple Developer Account

What does my team need to do to create an iOS App with Olo?

In order to create an app, your team first needs to create an Apple Developer account and an iTunes Connect account to develop and release the mobile app. The cost of an Apple Developer account is $100 annual fee. It’s a requirement from Apple that Olo releases mobile apps through a brand’s respective Apple Developer account. Olo will still maintain the mobile app through your respective Apple Developer account.

Please see the below steps for how to add Olo to your Apple Developer account and iTunes Connect account.


Why does Olo require my brand to create our own Apple Developer Account?

Apple will reject apps if the seller (the name your Apple developer account is under) does not sufficiently match the branding of the app. This means that if Olo uses its own developer account to publish your “ABC Restaurant’s” app, you may face a problem as those brands do not correspond. This is why Olo requires each client to have their own developer account, and then giving Olo access as a team member so we can do the necessary work inside.


What is the difference between an Apple Developer Account and iTunes Connect Account?

The iTunesConnect website is used to manage your apps on the app store, to submit a new app, change an app’s listing, delete an app, submit TestFlight app. You need an Apple Developer account to be able to use iTunes Connect.


Steps for adding Olo to your Apple Developer Account and iTunes Connect Account

  1. First, you will need to create an Apple Developer account by visiting. We need your team to create an Organization Apple Developer Program account.

  2. After your Developer Account has been created, ask your Team Agent to invite the following users to your account with Admin access (See “Inviting Team Members and Assigning Roles” here):
  • (Justin Anderson)
  • (Sasha Royzen)

  1. Next, add the following users to your iTunes Connect account (see “Accessing iTunes Connect” and “Adding iTunes Connect Users and Viewing Roles" here):
  • (Justin Anderson) - Admin Role
  • (Sasha Royzen) - Admin Role
  • (Front End Team)  - Admin Role 

  1. List Olo as the App Review Contact Information *Only required for app transfers.
  •        First Name: Olo
  •        Last Name: App Team
  •        Phone Number: 2122600895
  •        Email:

*Please note that the Apple Developer Account cost an annual fee of $100.


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