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Switchboard Overview

Switchboard is a responsive order management tool that can easily be used by on-premise and off-premise users alike. Whether you’re using Switchboard to take call-in orders, or as a line buster during your busy hours - Switchboard has an intuitive ordering interface that enables operators to quickly submit and edit orders on behalf of their customers.

The Switchboard interface seamlessly routes orders to the necessary locations to begin preparation. Orders placed through Switchboard arrive at the store the same way any order placed through your digital channels would be sent down to the store for pickup or delivery.

How It Works



Key features

  • Specialized Menu | Want items to be exclusively available on Switchboard? Customize your menu to allow agents to order items that aren’t available elsewhere using Switchboard Menu Filters.

  • Stored Customer Info | Even if a call drops, order and customer information are saved in the cloud. Offer suggestions to customers based on their saved order history and product internal descriptions

  • Ignore Order Throttling | Give your call-in and in-store customers priority by placing their orders when they need them - not when the next time slot is available. 

  • Dispatch and Delivery Support | Placing a delivery order? Switchboard follows the delivery rules and fees you have in place for your restaurants.

For more information on Switchboard's ordering flow and available features, visit the Switchboard space here. If you'd like to enable Switchboard for your stores, follow the instructions in this article

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