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Switchboard 101

What is it?

Switchboard is an Olo product that helps brands manage phone ordering for takeout and catering. The Switchboard interface seamlessly routes orders through trained call center representatives to the store locations to begin preparation. 

How it works?

  1. Customer calls the store's line to place an order

  2. Trained representatives fulfill the order and the store customer information on file

  3. The order and customer information is held in an Olo cloud server

  4. The information is then transmitted to the store

  5. Store begins preparing the order

Key features

  • Optimize Phone Volume - Always have representatives standing by to accept customer orders and upsell along the way

  • Stored Customer Info - Even if the call drops, order and customer information are saved. This also helps representatives to offer suggestions to repeat customers based on their saved order history

  • Order & Quote Management - Email quotes to customers for large orders, set item availability, and more

Attached is a one-sheet document containing all the above information. For more information please submit a request on the Help Center


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