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Customer Arrival Notifications

Customer arrival notifications allow a customer who has placed an order to signal to the restaurant they have arrived, so a restaurant employee can bring the order to the customer. This can be primarily used for curbside orders, but it's not limited to that specifically. Arrival notifications can be utilized for other handoff modes such as pickup as well.

The notifications display on an Expo device. After handing the food to the guest, the restaurant employee has the opportunity to mark the order as delivered using Expo.


Notifications are triggered by a combination of vendor (store location) and handoff mode (e.g. Curbside Pickup, Pickup). For example, if a vendor enables Curbside Pickup as an eligible handoff mode for arrival notifications, all Curbside Pickup orders at that vendor will show the guest the ability to notify the restaurant on arrival. More than one handoff method may be enabled per vendor. For example, a vendor could allow someone to use this for Curbside to indicate they’re in a car, or for regular Pickup to suggest they are standing outside.

Consumer experience

Once arrival notifications are enabled for a handoff mode, a user placing an order with that handoff mode will be eligible to use notifications. 

The Olo Ordering API provides endpoints that can be used by developers to build an arrival experience. The Olo white label responsive website and mobile apps will include buttons for users to trigger notifications directly from the UIs. Additionally, the Olo order confirmation email sent to the consumer will include a link for the user to click to signify their arrival.

Olo white-label mobile web


Olo white-label app



Consumers who place eligible orders via Switchboard will receive the notification button in their confirmation emails. There is no interface for a Switchboard agent to trigger an arrival notification on behalf of the guest.

Order confirmation email

The confirmation email will include a button allowing the user to notify the restaurant of their arrival. This will launch an arrivals page on Olo white label front ends. If you use the Ordering API for custom web front ends and wish to take advantage of the email button, you will also need Olo to set up a minimally styled white label UI. Many brands already use a website like this for password resets, so you may already have this enabled. Consult your CSM for more details.


It will also be possible to update the email subject when an order is eligible for arrival notifications. This will allow you to make it obvious to the user that there is a call to action inside. For example, “CHECK IN HERE WHEN YOU ARRIVE  - ORDER CONFIRMED.” Ask your CSM for more information on how to configure this text. 

Using arrival notifications in Expo

As soon as a consumer clicks the arrival button in their application or from the confirmation email, the Expo user in the restaurant will receive a notification pop-up:


The Expo user can click “See details” to view the order information. The user can also click “Picked Up” to signify that the order has been handed off to the consumer.

Ready to enable arrival notifications?

Great! Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable arrival notifications. If you're not already utilizing Expo, your brand will need to implement Expo in your locations before arrival notifications can be added. 

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