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Rails Overview

What is Rails?

Rails is a unified program that enables digital orders from third-party marketplaces and other external ordering sources to be transmitted directly to restaurants where Rails has been set up.

Rails consolidates all digital orders into one location, regardless of the third-party interface. These orders can be sent to a restaurant’s POS system or a non-integrated source such as a centralized tablet, email, fax, or phone. Rails’ two-way integration benefits everyone involved in the delivery process: customers receive accurate and real-time menu, price, and location information, delivery couriers are able to conduct more deliveries per hour without any lag time, and the restaurant brands remain in control through a single integration to multiple marketplaces. Olo brands can grant access at the store level, to third-party marketplaces to receive real-time menu, price, and location information.

Here's how it works:


*Attached below is a 1-pager explaining how Rails can benefit your store

What are the requirements for configuring Rails?

  1. To access Rails, the brand needs the Olo Dashboard to be fully set up. Once that is complete the brand can request Rails as an added product.
  2. Olo will configure Rails on a store-by-store basis.
  3. Olo works with third-party marketplaces and signs a mutual non-disclosure agreement
    (MNDA). The MNDA does not give the third-party marketplace any store-specific data
    through the Olo Ordering API.
  4. Upon receipt of a signed MNDA, Olo provides the third-party marketplace with access
    to the Olo Ordering API to test the integration and make sure everything operates as intended.
  5. A Rails amendment to the Master Services Agreement (MSA) is signed by the brand, which grants Olo permission to share the brand’s designated store location’s data via the Olo Ordering API.
  6. Store locations inform Olo which third-party marketplaces are authorized to submit prepaid orders through Olo’s Ordering API.
  7. Third-party marketplaces are given access to specific store locations as covered in the MSA. If approved to transmit prepaid orders, the marketplace will be activated for that feature through Rails.
  8. Third-party marketplaces pull the store info and menu then map everything to their menu structure.
  9. Olo works with stores to configure the POS to display Rails-related info on the POS receipts when a Rails order is transmitted.
  10. Third-party providers work with stores to send test orders and ensure proper setup of Rails.

Interested in getting Rails live for your store? Contact our Support team for assistance.

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