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Webhooks Overview


A webhook (also called a web callback or HTTP push API) is a way for an app to provide other applications with near-real-time information. A webhook delivers data to other applications as it happens, meaning your app receives data about your Olo platform activities within seconds. This ability to push data immediately, rather than polling for changes, makes webhooks much more efficient for both the provider and recipient. Brands typically use webhooks to track real-time information and spot issues or trends quickly.

How does this work with Olo?

Webhooks allow third parties to subscribe to certain events that occur in Olo’s system by providing an HTTPS endpoint that Olo will deliver event details to via HTTP POST. For the recipient, webhooks are a way to receive valuable information when it happens.

Types of webhooks?

The following events can be configured to trigger webhook calls:

  • OrderPlaced - an order has been successfully placed
  • OrderClosed - an order has reached its Ready Time and is considered complete
  • UserSignedUp - a user has created an account (not applicable to guests.)
  • UserOptOut - a user opted out of marketing communications
  • ScheduledOrderFired - a scheduled order has been transmitted
  • VendorAvailabilityChanged - a vendor has gone online or offline
  • OrderCancelled - an order has been cancelled
  • OrderAdjusted - the order has been partially adjusted or refunded
  • ScheduledOrderFailed - a scheduled order has failed
  • DispatchStatusUpdate - a Dispatch delivery status has been updated


How can I sign up for webhooks?

To get more information on setting up webhooks please contact us via the Help Center. It is important to note before connections can be established you must sign a client authorization contract. Once that is in place we can activate the requested webhooks.


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