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Modifier Quantities


Any Dashboard user with company menu access has the ability to set up any modifier group with modifier quantities. Modifier quantities allows a customer to say they want a specific quantity of a modifier option. For example, a customer can say they want four Chocolate Chip cookies and eight Sugar cookies when ordering a Dozen Cookies box. 

In the below screenshot, a customer wants to order the 8-piece wing option and has decided to have 2 Lime-n-Pepper wings and 6 BBQ wings, totaling up to 8 wings:


Modifier quantities will display as follows on the older Ghost experience:



Note for POS integrated brands: When mapping the modifiers to their POS IDs, make sure to map each of the modifiers as "modifiers" instead of "items". Mapping the modifiers as "items" will not allow for the quantity selections to be sent to the POS.


Steps to Enable Modifier Quantities

Modifier quantities can only be enabled at the Company Menu level. Once you login to Company Menu Admin in the Olo Dashboard, click on the "Modifiers" for the item that contains the modifier group you would like to update. 

  1. Once you find the modifier group that you want to update, hit Edit on the group

  2. Click on the tab "Modifier Settings"

  3. You will see an option for "Support Modifier Quantities", select "Yes"

  4. Once you select "Yes" you will see the below fields appear:

  5. Modifier Aggregate Quantity determines the minimum/maximum for the sum of all choices in that modifier group. For example, if you have an 8 piece wing combo and you require 8 sauces, you would set the Modifier Aggregate Quantity min and max to 8. If you have a Dozen Cookies Box, you'd want 12 since you need the sum of all the options to be exactly 12. 

    Min/Max Modifier Quantity
    determines the minimum/maximum for each individual choice. The slider will reflect the minimum and maximum values set at the edges. With the responsive design, the minus (-) icon will disable when the customer reaches the minimum selection and the plus (+) icon will disable when the customer reaches the maximum selection.


    If you have an 8 piece wing combo and want to restrict the customer so that they must have at least 2 wings for any given sauce, you'd set the Min/Max Modifier Quantity Min field to 2 and the Max field to 8. This means that a customer wouldn't be able to choose anything less than 2 for any given modifier and the max they could choose for a modifier option would be 8. 

  6. Once the above fields are filled out, select "Multiple" so that a user can select numerous options from that group and then hit "Set a Limit" to see the below fields:

  7. Set Limit Min/Max determines how many choice options a user can select. For example, if you have an 8-piece wing combo and only want the user to select up to 2 different types of sauces, you'd set a min of 1 and a max of 2. With the responsive design, when the customer reaches the map selection of 2 sauce choices, the rest of the sauce options will grey out. If the customer deselects one of their current selections, the rest of the choices will enable again, and the customer can easily change their selection.


    Increment controls the steps on the slider that is presented to customers. By default the increment is set to 1. If it is set to another number, let's say for example that it is set to 2, the customer will only be able to select quantities in an increment of 2.

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