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Delivery Service Providers (DSP)

Olo partners with Delivery Service Providers (DSP) to provide Dispatch coverage. As new the Dispatch network grows, new DSP partnerships will be announced in the Take5 newsletter.

Attached are one-pagers with more information on each DSP. To see which DSPs cover your stores, run a Dispatch Coverage Report in the Dashboard.

A brand manager can Manage Delivery Service Providers directly in the Dashboard.


Why should I use the Dispatch network?

Utilizing multiple DSPs drives competition and encourages DSPs to provide your customers with the most competitive delivery rates and service quality. Through Dispatch, brands have the opportunity to experiment with several delivery partners simultaneously (without the limitation of direct agreements). Working with multiple DSPs allows brands to optimize their delivery program . If a specific DSP aligns particularly well with your business needs, a Preferred Provider can be elected on a store-by-store basis. 


What if I have an existing DSP relationship?

Confirm from the below list that they are an active Dispatch partner. Inform your Dispatch Specialist if you have a specific setup required for that DSP. 

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