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Delivery Service Providers (DSP)

The Dispatch network is made of integrated Delivery Service Providers (DSP) that provide delivery coverage. As the Dispatch network grows, the availability of new DSPs will be announced in the Olo Take5 newsletter.

To know which DSPs cover your stores, run a Dispatch Coverage Report. To enable or disable DSPs for a brand, a corporate Dashboard user can Manage Delivery Service Providers.


Why use the Dispatch network?

Utilizing multiple DSPs encourages delivery partners to provide your customers with the most competitive delivery rates and service quality. Furthermore, increasing the number of DSPs results in greater driver availability and courier access. Through Dispatch, brands have the opportunity to work with all delivery partners without the limitation of direct agreements. Working with multiple DSPs allows brands to optimize their delivery program. If a specific DSP aligns particularly well with your business needs, a Preferred Provider can be elected on a store-by-store basis.


Who is available on Dispatch?

See below for a list of active DSPs in the Olo Dispatch network, linked with additional information. Work with your Delivery Specialist if you have a specific setup required for a DSP.

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