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Xpient/IRIS POS: Dispatch Configurations


Technical Teams, Customer Success Team, and Client's POS Programmer


The article below provides the requirements for the Xpient/IRIS POS integration and using the Olo Dispatch product.


Olo's Dispatch Product allows orders placed from a direct ordering site or app to be delivered by an integrated marketplace. Olo will send the orders to POS with a Dispatch Fee and Tip (if applied), along with a destination that is unique Destination for Dispatch orders.

The Dispatch Tip and Fee are sent as menu items, with the Fee and Tip amounts overriding the price set for each item. Below is an example of a menu item that has been set up for Dispatch Delivery Tips:


There are no special requirements for the item on the Olo side, only that it is an active item.

A unique Menu Item can be used for each supported marketplace, DoorDash, UberEats, etc.

Once the Menu items have been created, and a Destination determined, you can reach out to your POS Specialist or Dispatch Specialist to fill out a Dispatch Configuration form if one has not already been provided.

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