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Xpient/IRIS: Rails Configuration Settings


Technical Teams and Client's POS Programmer


The article below provides requirements and options for the use of Olo's Rails Product and the Xpient/IRIS integration.


The Olo Rails Product allows for marketplace orders to be sent to POS through the Olo platform. Olo has the following features available for sending down orders to the IRIS POS system:

  • Destination (a single destination to differentiate between regular online orders and marketplace orders. This destination is not marketplace specific)
  • Pay Type (a pay type can be sent per Marketplace)
  • Rails Markup
    • Since marketplace orders charge more than pickup orders, Olo has a Markup Tool that allows the POS price to be marked up before it is sent to the marketplace menu.
    • The Olo-IRIS integration can either override the POS price with the markup when the order is sent to POS, or add a single item that contains the price difference. Refer to the Xpient/IRIS: Rails Price Markup Item Article on how to create the menu item.
  • Tax Facilitator Support
    • Marketplaces will often charge a different tax rate based on a site's location (state, city). Olo has the ability to send down a unique menu item per marketplaces that can be used to trigger a different tax rate. Refer to the Xpient/IRIS: Marketplace Facilitator Article for more details.

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