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Order Scheduler

Orders placed on Olo for a future time can either be sent to the POS immediately when placed, or are scheduled to fire to the POS at a later time. If the order is scheduled, it takes a different path than an ASAP order. Scheduled orders are held by the Olo Scheduler until they reach their assigned ‘Fired Time’. Fire Time is assigned based on the order’s assigned lead time plus any handoff lead times applicable to the order. Once the Fire Time is reached, Olo sends the order to the POS. 

For example, if an order with 10 minutes of lead time is placed at 5pm and scheduled for pickup at 6:30pm, Olo would fire the order to the store at 6:20. If the order was not scheduled, it would be fired to the store at 5pm. 

When is the order billed?

Scheduled order billing modes will determine when advanced orders are billed. You can learn more about scheduled order billing modes here.

Late Fails

When an order is scheduled, Olo validates the order with POS and in some cases validates or auths the credit card details, but that does not guarantee the order will be successful at fire time. If a store POS or Expo has lost connection with Olo or something about the payment information has changed between time placed and time fired, the order could fail. If it does, Olo will send an email to the store and to the guest letting them know the order was not successfully transmitted. 

a Scheduled Order

Both the store or a logged in customer can cancel a scheduled order. If the order is canceled the following will occur:

  • The customer will receive an order cancellation email
  • The order will be marked as cancelled in the Olo Dashboard and not fire to POS
  • If the order had been billed, a refund will be completed automatically 

Editing a Scheduled Order

A logged in customer may edit a scheduled order before it fires to the POS. When the order is edited:

  • The original order is canceled and removed from the queue
  • The new order is scheduled, and a new receipt is sent to the customer
  • If the original order was BillWhenScheduled, the old order would be refunded and the new sale would be run; for BillWhenCommitted the transaction run at fire-time is simply for the new amount

Early Firing Scheduled Orders

Sometimes a customer shows up at the store earlier than they anticipated. The store can manually fire the order into the POS early from the Olo Dashboard or from Expo, removing it from the queue and firing it into the POS on-demand.

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