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Brands often want to know what type of granularity can be achieved with tenders on Olo orders using the Cloud Connect/Ordering Essentials integration to Aloha. 



The API and ATO have static tenders for Credit Card Types and generic PrePaid Tenders. As such, there is no manipulation of these tenders for Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Gift Card or Discover. 


These are the tenders in ATO that are used for all Cloud Connect orders that do not come from a third party marketplace.

  • Amex: 14

  • Discover: 15

  • MasterCard: 16

  • Visa: 17

  • Gift Card: 21

  • Default PrePaid tender ID: 13

However, it is possible to add a tender into ATO and use that tender in Olo for a specific Marketplace if there is a need to separate prepayments by marketplace. They cannot be 13,14,15,16,17 or 21 and will need to be mapped from ATO tenders to Aloha POS tenders to support POS reporting principles. Please see your NCR manual for instructions on this setup.



This granularity is not currently supported for BSP Ordering which is the next gen of NCR's Cloud APIs.

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