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'Selected Reward is Invalid' Error Message

Testing a loyalty reward and receiving a "selected reward is invalid" error message? Below are the common reasons why you are receiving this error message and how to troubleshoot it. 

Common reasons this error message appears for users

  • Basket does not contain eligible item(s) for reward redemption 
  • Loyalty reward is not configured correctly 
  • POS discount ID is not configured correctly
  • Loyalty reward is not configured to apply to item(s) in the basket/order
  • Basket minimum was not met for the reward conditions
  • There are restrictions on reward redemption
    • Ex: Cannot redeem multiple times in one visit

What to do when you see this error message

  • Check your reward configurations in your loyalty provider’s dashboard
  • Confirm if the reward is configured to apply to the specific size(s), modifier(s), and item(s) in your basket
    • Review the item name, menu ID, or category ID associated with the item(s) you are testing for and confirm that is all correct in the reward configuration in your loyalty provider’s dashboard
      • You can pull a POS Mapping Report in your Olo Dashboard (Report > Menu > POS Mappings for a Store) to find the menu ID’s
  • Review if there are additional reward conditions or restrictions in your reward configuration 
    • Ex: basket minimum spend (ex: must spend $10 minimum on your basket), user can only redeem 1 reward in certain amount of time
  • Review that the POS discount ID configured for your loyalty reward(s) is correct
    • Olo Help Center articles on POS discount ID configuration can be found here and here

Additional Considerations and Recommendations

  • Always test your loyalty rewards before making them public for end-users. This will allow you to resolve this error message before users have access to the reward.

Need further assistance?

  • Submit a request to Olo's Help Team here - please provide a basket or order ID with your inquiry for our team to investigate further
    • To locate an order ID, please remove the applied reward, place your order, and provide Olo with the order ID

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