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User Management: Deactivating a User

Brand Administrators have the ability to remove a particular Dashboard User's access by deactivating the user. 




You can use the User Search or Filters to locate the particular User or Users that you need to deactivate. You can deactivate users in bulk, or by individual user. 


Once you've selected the User or User's you are going to deactivate, you can select the 'Deactivate User' option. You will then see the below prompt: 



If you are deactivating multiple users at once - the prompt will look like this: 




As noted in the prompt - by clicking 'Yes, Deactivate', the User will no longer have a role or stores assigned to them. If needed, you can always reactivate a User. 


To locate Users that have been deactivated, you can use the User Search, and Search by User Status: 




Once you have located the User you want to Reactivate, you need to go to their User Profile and in the bottom right hand corner and select 'Reactivate User':




When a User is Reactivated, they will be reassigned to their previous access of stores and you will be able to dictate which Role they return to Dashboard access with. 

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