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Developer Tools Overview

Developer Tools (Dev Tools) is a collection of self-service tools designed to empower brands working with in-house developers or partners who integrate with Olo. Using Dev Tools, brands can create and manage webhooks and associated events for speed to market and greater control over their data.  To start, we are rolling out the Dev Tools tab in Dashboard with self-service webhooks. Over time we will be adding additional features to support developer integrations into Olo APIs.

How to get access

The Dev Tools tab is available to all brands. Individual users will need to have the following enabled in order to see the tab:

  1. Brand Manager Permission
  2. Two Factor Authentication Enabled (in User Settings)
  3. Developer Tools Permission (NEW)

If your brand has already migrated to User Management you will be able to enable new users to gain access to Dev Tools.  

If you have not yet migrated to User Management yet you will need to contact your CSM or Olo representative in order to have the correct users enabled to use Dev Tools and Webhooks. 

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