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Coupon Manager: Maximum Redemptions per Order

Maximum Redemptions per Order allows specific coupons to apply to more than one eligible item in the basket. Supported coupon types are: 

  • Buy qualifying item, get % off that item
  • Buy one, get one for % off (BOGO)
  • Buy qualifying item, get % off another item (BXGY)

This allows brands to discount multiple items in the same basket provided enough qualifying and discounted items are present. Examples include:

  • 50% off any taco
    • If there are ten (10) tacos in the basket all of them will be discounted if the Maximum Redemptions per Order setting is set to 10 or Unlimited

  • Buy one large speciality pizza, get another for 20% off
    • If there are seven (7) speciality pizzas in the basket, the three (3) lowest priced speciality pizzas will be 20% off if the Maximum Redemptions per Order setting is set to 3

  • 50% off a 96 oz coffee for every box of doughnuts in the basket
    • If there are three (3) 96 oz coffees and two (2) boxes of doughnuts in the basket, two (2) of the 96 oz coffees will be 50% off if the Maximum Redemptions per Order setting is set to 2

To enable this setting for a new coupon, do the following:

  1. Begin the coupon setup process using one of the supported coupon types above

  2. After determining settings for Guest User Redemption, Redemptions per User, and Total Redemptions for All Users, you can select the Maximum Redemptions per Order. This represents the maximum number of times a discount can be applied within the same order.


    • The default selection is 1. This means that only one (1) item in an order will be discounted.

      NOTE: Coupons created prior to this feature being released will have a Maximum Redemptions per Order of "1"

    • If you would like more than one (1) item discounted in an order, click the dropdown to review your options.


    • You can scroll to select your answer or type the number you would like (maximum of 10)


    • If you would like the coupon to apply to all eligible items in the order, select "Unlimited." There is no functionality to cap the discount amount so please use "Unlimited" with caution.


  3. Once selected, click next and confirm that all of your settings are correct, including Maximum Redemptions per Order, before saving. 


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