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NCR Cloud: RPOS C-Store (BSP) Requirements


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There are required NCR software versions and setup requirements needed in order for Olo to integrate to NCR Cloud (BSP, NCR's Cloud APIs, Catalog, Order Service, Item Availability Service, Site API). This article lists and explains them and their associated terms.

Versions & Software

  • BSP Provisioning on the NCR side

  • RPOS 2020.2.4 -

    • please confirm with NCR as this could change without Olo's knowledge

  • RCM 2020.4 - if used for Database Management

    • please confirm with NCR as this could change without Olo's knowledge
  • Still building this list

Environmental Setup

NCR Side

  • Will have to configure elements: Tender Types for Mobile Orders / All other configs
    • List coming soon!
  • Turn on related Windows Services
    • Site Controller
    • Catalog (check boxes in RPOS)
    • Ordering Service (check boxes in RPOS)
  • RCM for the Item Data
    • Corporate or store level
    • Configurations to consider:
        • Tenders
        • Taxes
        • Price Book
        • Discounts
    • POS Connect enabled
  • Firewall setup for Business Services Platform (BSP)
    • Please contact your NCR representative for these specifications as they are subject to change and not within Olo's control.

Olo Side

  • Configuration of the NCR Enterprise Unit ID for each location (EUID)
  • Configuration of the relevant Shared Key and Secret Key (from BSP)
  • Configuration of the NCR Omni Channel Organization (BSP) for the brand 


  • Used for pulling menu database and pricing NCR's Catalog Service
  • Organization create/configuration
  • Import of site-specific data to enable BSP platform communications
  • These need to be requested: Catalog, Site API, Order, Item Availability, 


  • Data Release signed and return is required to be completed by client and returned to NCR.

This article is iterative and subject to change. Please check back often!

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