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Using the Rails Performance Tool

First-time users opening the new Rails Performance experience will be greeted with an introduction callout. Users can also start a WalkMe guided tour to learn about the tools and key features.



Performance Tour

Take a guided tour around the interface, stopping at five key areas to learn about Data Filters, Chart Tabs, Charts Menu, Data Table Tabs, and the Data Table Menu.


Data Filters: Use filters to customize your data sets with Edit Stores, Date Range, and Ordering Provider. The results will display real-time data in the charts and data tables below.



Chart Tabs: Toggle between the Revenue and Order Count tabs to compare various data sets.




Charts Menu: Select the menu icon to change views between stacked bar, line, or pie chart. You can also download any chart as a PNG, JPEG, or PDF file.




Data Table Tabs & Menu: Toggle between the Ordering Provider or Stores data tables to compare different data sets all the way down to the store level. Select the menu icon on the right of the page to download a CSV reflecting your Ordering Provider or Store data.




Help & Feedback: At the top of the page, users will see the Help & Feedback button. 


Once clicked, a modal will appear onscreen containing two links.

  • ‘Explore the new Rails Performance experience’ will start the guided tour from the beginning.
  • ‘Give us feedback’ will start a 4 question survey for data collection.


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