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SSOS: How to Upgrade the Olo SSOS Agent


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Description of issue:

Process to upgrade the version of Olo SSOS for stores using the Olo Dashboard.


Set an override version at a corporate level or individual store level in the Olo Dashboard. The Olo Service Updater Service will acknowledge this change and manage the upgrade. This typically occurs within 2-3 minutes.


Steps to implement:

  1. Login into the Olo Dashboard
  2. Select the Brand Menu on the left side of the screen, then select POS Version Management:

3. When upgrading, determine whether the need is to upgrade all stores or a subset of stores. Then follow the appropriate steps:

  • For only one specific store or set of pilot stores, select the intended store(s) in the Set Override column.


  •  To update all stores that don't have an individual override, click on Edit to select a new Default version.


NOTE: When selecting a version, the Release Notes

are available for viewing and there is an option to choose to reset stores that have individual overrides.




Confirm that the current version is updated for all stores (Note - it will take the stores a few minutes to upgrade to this version. It is recommended to check back about 30 minutes later to see if all stores have upgraded).



You also see that you can check the appropriate box to set or remove a version override for individual stores. You should test new versions in your lab, or a store or two, before setting your default version.


Keywords: Olo Version, Upgrade, Services, SSOS

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