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Leveraging Serve URL Parameters

This article will cover the process of how to create, and leverage, URL parameters based on different scenarios. If you'd like to learn more about what URL parameters are be sure to read this article.

Potential Use Cases

Traffic from your website

If your brand's website gives guests the option to select a store and/or handoff mode before ordering, use URL Parameters to link to the Serve store menu page with the handoff mode preselected. This eliminates the need to re-enter these options twice before starting to build a basket. 

Existing experience without URL parameters implemented

Potential Workflow

  • Brand’s website asks users to first select pickup or delivery and then the location they want to order from

  • Using the Handoff Mode preselected URL parameters, guests are linked to the store menu page with the chosen handoff mode already setup


QR Codes for Dine-In

URL parameters can be used when creating QR codes that guests scan in-store that drive to a specific menu page with a handoff mode pre-selected.


Potential Workflow

  • Restaurant teams use a QR code generator to create a unique code with the specified URL structure 

  • QR codes are then printed and placed on the tables 

  • Guests can scan QR codes with their phone which redirect them to a menu page with the Dine-In handoff mode + ASAP time mode pre-selected

  • From there, guests can begin selecting the items they want to order

  • At checkout, guests enter their table number and place their order

  • Once the order is placed it’s fired into the POS with the table number


Getting started

Enabling Handoff Modes

  • In order for the URL link to work as intended, both the brand and restaurant must support the handoff modes specified in the URL parameters.

  • Olo will need to first enable channel and store settings. Keep in mind, Olo is not able to make updates to a brand’s corporate website

Example Links Using URL Parameters


A button on a brand's corporate site links to a Serve store menu page using the URL below:

If the button needs to link to the menu page with pickup handoff mode preselected, the brand will need to ensure the following URL containing the ‘counterpickup’ handoff mode is included.

Prerequisites for Dine-In QR Codes

  • Both your Channel and store must have Dine-In enabled. 
  • For scenarios where the guest is on-premise and ordering food, Olo recommends the store have the ASAP (aka Immediate) time mode enabled for Dine-In. 
    • Immediate time mode must first be enabled for the Channel in order to enable it for the store.
  • For restaurants that offer table service, Olo recommends a custom field should be set up on checkout to capture the table number. 
  • Refer to the following documentation for instructions on how to enable the Dine-In handoff mode, ASAP time mode for Dine-In, and the table number custom field.

Accessing Various Menus

When using URL parameters, brands have the option to link guests to the Available Menu, Full Menu, or both menus.

  • Available Menu: Only includes specific products based on the chosen handoff mode, time mode, and available times.

    • Example: Ice cream floats are only available for Dine-In handoff mode, so if Pickup is the selected handoff mode, then ice cream floats are absent from the Available Menu.

    • Example: Birthday cake is only available for Advance time mode, so if the selected time mode is ASAP, then birthday cake is absent from the Available Menu.

    • Example: Pancakes are only available daily from 8 am until 10 am. If a guest is placing an order at 2 pm, pancakes will not be available.
  • Full Menu: this menu consists of all products offered regardless of handoff mode, time mode, or time of day.

  • View Full Menu Toggle: Guests can toggle between the Available Menu and the Full Menu


  • Displaying Available Menu, Full Menu, or both

    • When handoff mode has been preselected, the menu view will default to the Available Menu (with “View Full Menu” toggled off) with the option to toggle to view the Full Menu.

    • To give guests access to both the Available Menu and the Full Menu, the Channel must enable the ‘Display of all menu items and disable the ‘Hide View Full Menu’ toggles. 

    • If a guest should only have access to the Available Menu, the brand must disable 'Display of all menu items' and enable 'Hide View Full Menu' toggle.

    • If guests should only access the Full Menu, the brand must enable display of all menu items and enable hide View Full Menu Toggle.

  • How to configure Products to display on Available Menu

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