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Toast POS: “NO” Prefix for Modifiers/Ingredients


Menu Administrators, POS Specialists, Technical Teams


Provide details on how to get a "No" prefix in front of modifiers that are deselected.


To send a "NO" prefix to Toast for a modifier that is not selected or unselected by a customer, you will first want to make that modifier a "default modifier" in Toast. 

Consider this example. An item called Happy Burger has a group of topping modifiers. First, we create the modifier group for the Burger, and then mark them “default”, as pictured below:




Then on the Burger item itself, be sure to enable “multi-select”. You will also want to make the group “optional” under “Required”:




Then in the Olo menu, program the modifier group. You will likely want to click the circles in order to make the options selected by default:




In Toast, when a default modifier is UNSELECTED, or when Olo sends the Burger item WITHOUT a certain default modifier, that modifier will print on the check with a “NO” prefixed to it.

You can read more about Toast’s default modifier functionality on this Toast Help page:




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