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How to Uninstall the Olo Services


Technical Teams, Customer Success Specialists, Brand's POS programmer 


Description of task:

This article will discuss how to uninstall the Olo Services.


Steps to uninstall the Olo Services

Step 1

Login to Windows services, scroll to the two services which begin with "Olo", and stop both services. (Note: The exact name of the services will differ depending on which Point of Sale system you use. Below is an example of the service names for users of the Micros POS.)



Step 2

Click the Windows start menu, find "Add and Remove Programs", and select it. Click on the program called "Olo XXXXX Integration Service", where XXXXX is the name of your Point of Sale System. 




Then click the Uninstall button. Wait for the uninstall process to finish.




Step 3

Back in the Windows services window, click Action, then click refresh, then confirm that the Olo services no longer appear.



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