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Parking Location Notification for Serve and White Label Mobile Apps

Customers that have placed Curbside Pickup orders can now provide their parking location when they arrive at the restaurant so the staff can more easily locate the customer and bring out their order. In order to improve the user experience, we only recommend enabling Parking Location Notifications at restaurants that have clearly defined curbside pickup parking spots with signage so that the customer knows what information to enter when they arrive.

Parking Location Notifications are only applicable to orders placed via the Curbside Pickup handoff mode. Customer Arrival Notifications must be enabled in order for Parking Location Notifications to be enabled. 

If your brand uses a custom ordering app built on our Ordering API, you can already leverage this functionality via the “message” field in the Ordering API. We have added a tutorial to help guide developers on adding this feature to ordering applications.



The user will see the ability to notify the restaurant of their arrival on the “thank you” page after placing their order. Once the user clicks the “I’m Here” button on the “thank you” page, they will be directed to the “parking location” page where they will be required to enter their parking location in a text field that has a 60 character limit. Once the user enters their parking location and clicks the “Check-in” button, the store staff will be notified of their arrival. Clicking the “I’m Here” button alone will not notify the store staff; the “Check-in” button must be clicked in order to notify the store staff.


White-label Apps


A mobile app release will be necessary for existing apps to begin taking advantage of this enhancement. Note that app updates usually require 2-3 weeks.

Using Arrival Notifications with Parking Locations in Expo


The customer’s parking location entry will appear under the “Details” label.

Ready to enable arrival notifications?

Contact your Customer Success Manager to get started. If you're not already utilizing Expo, your brand will need to implement Expo at your locations before arrival notifications can be added. 

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