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Switchboard: Dispatch Status Tracker


This article outlines the functionality available in the Switchboard Dispatch Tracker. The tracker allows Switchboard agents to view the status of a Dispatch orders within the Switchboard application. Switchboard agents can also cancel deliveries and contact delivery support on behalf of callers. 


How do I view the Dispatch Tracker?

The Dispatch tracker is viewable on the Confirmation Page within Switchboard. You can view the tracker immediately after a Dispatch order has been successfully submitted.swb_disp_conf_1.png


NOTE: You can access the order confirmation page when you view the customer's order history. More instructions can be found here.



What information can I view in the Dispatch tracker?

The Dispatch tracker show information specific to the delivery provider service (DSP), the delivery driver, and the order delivery information. The fields and values are specified below:

  • Dispatch Status: Provides the most recent status of the delivery. Statuses include:
    • Pending
    • Pickup in progress
    • Delivery in progress
    • Delivered
  • Refreshed Pickup ETA: Shows the latest estimated pickup time as estimated by the delivery provider.
  • Refreshed Dropoff ETA: Shows the latest estimated delivery time as estimated by the delivery provider.
  • Delivery Fee: The total cost of the delivery. This is what the brand is being charged by the delivery service provider.
    • NOTE: This is not the same as what the customer paid for the delivery. 
  • Provider: The name of the delivery service provider.
  • Provider Contact Info: The contact information to reach out to the delivery service provider.
  • Driver Name: The delivery driver's name.
  • Driver Phone:  The delivery driver's phone number.
  • Original Delivery ETA: The original delivery estimate that was provided for the order.
  • External Delivery ID: The delivery ID for the delivery service.
  • Requested By: Who the delivery was requested by. "Customer" will be the most common value as it signifies the delivery was requested as part of the customer's order. However, there are instances where a brand user may manually request another delivery for the order. 
  • Request Reason: The reason the delivery was requested. "Order Handoff" will be the most common value as it signifies the reason is due to a customer order that requires a delivery.
  • Requested Comments: Comments will only be shown if a brand user manually requests a delivery and adds notes to the delivery request. 
  • Status History Log: Displays the a history log of the changes for the Dispatch Status field. A timestamp is included with each change within the history log to show when the status was updated. 


Cancelling Deliveries 


If needed, you can cancel a delivery for a customer's order. Please note that cancelling a delivery will not refund the customer's order.


To begin the request to cancel a delivery, click the 'Cancel Delivery' button within the Dispatch Tracker.





Next, specify your name and select a reason from the dropdown to record why the delivery is being cancelled.


Next, provide an explanation on why the request to cancel a delivery is being made. Please note that the caller won't see this explanation.



Once the required fields have been filled out, confirm that you would like to submit the request to cancel the delivery. As noted in the modal, Delivery cancellation could result in a cancellation penalty from the delivery service provider.



Contacting Delivery Support 

If needed, Switchboard agents can submit a delivery support request to report an issue with the delivery or ask questions that pertain to the delivery.


To begin the support request, click the 'Contact Delivery Support' button within the Dispatch Tracker.



Next, select the most relevant reason for your support request from the 'Reason for Contact' dropdown.



After you've selected the reason from the dropdown, add a brief description of the issue or inquiry you're submitting. This description will help the support team better understand the issue you're reporting. 



Finally, once you've reviewed your request and confirmed the information you're submitting, select 'Submit' to send the request to the Delivery Support Team.


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