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Simphony POS: Setting up coupons


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Description of task:

This article will discuss how to configure coupons in Simphony and on your OLO Dashboard.


Steps to configure an open dollar discount in Simphony

Step 1

Login to EMC, go to the Configuration Tab, and then click Discounts.



Step 2

If an Open $ Discount already exists which you would like to use for tracking your coupons, you can skip to the next section on how to configure the Dashboard settings. If it does not exist, add a new Open $ Discount, configured as in the screenshots below. 



Next, make sure that the RVC used for your online orders is enabled in the RVC Type tab:




Next, make sure all possible itemizers are enabled that the coupon may apply to, on the Itemizers tab:



Finally, make sure that the menu levels you use for your online orders are enabled on the Menu Levels tab: 






Steps to configure a Coupon on your Olo Dashboard.


Step 1

Follow the procedure in this article for setting up a coupon.


Step 2


The POS Reference ID will be the object number of your Open $ Discount. Make sure this number is entered in the field next to "Simphony." For example, if the discount in Simphony is  object number 150, you would enter 150, as shown below.


Step 3


In Dashboard, click the Settings menu on the left panel, then click Store Settings, then click Store Information. Scroll to the "Show Coupon Field" setting and enable it. 

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